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Got something to hang on to?

Hey there! Welcome to Maggie Medema Photography – a place to scope out pretty photos, have a laugh, and hopefully, get to know the creators of your next favorite photo. You’ll find plenty of information about what we bring to the table. But first, may I suggest what you bring…

Bring us your sassy, your funky, your quirky and free. Bring us your growing, your fleeting, your bittersweet. Bring us your adolescent milestones, your finish lines crossed. Bring us your once-in-a-lifetime. Bring us your every day. Bring us your love.

We’ll capture it.
Make it live forever.
Because everything changes.
But most of its worth hanging on to.

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Casual Natural Happy

Maggie Medema Photography is a Troy, IL-based wife-husband duo (What? Why does he always get listed first?) serving Illinois, the St. Louis Metro and most of Missouri. We are dedicated to creating casual, natural, happy images of your most important days and your every-days. It is our preference that you laugh and have a good time during the process. Every shot we take is aimed at capturing your most natural, casual self. Because that’s what makes us happy and we think it will make you happy too. We photograph weddings and portraits of many types.