We are happy to offer a variety of portrait sessions for any time or occasion you find worthy of remembering forever. Growing babies, expanding families, couples celebrating their love and people who just need some new wall décor. Whatever you’ve got to capture, we’re ready for it.

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    Keepin' in real

    We want to capture your most typical self. You know, minus the yoga pants and baby drool on your shirt. (Is that just me?) Okay, so we want to capture a slightly shined up version of your most typical self. To do that, we work in settings that suit your style with the minimum amount of intimidating gear and photographer’s crap. (Because we suspect having a spotlight in his eyes does not make your 4-year-old feel typical.) We’re upbeat, a little loud and a little goofy. We loosely coordinate a plan for your session. But mostly we make it up as we go. We roll with the punches. Probably a lot like your strategy for getting through any given day. In short, we keep it real so that you can feel comfortable doing the same.

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    Interactions, not poses

    We aren’t keen on stiff poses. But we also don’t expect you to show up and magically fall into place. We provide fun direction to keep you moving and laughing. All while making sure we’re capturing you in the most flattering way possible. This is about capturing interactions and relationships and emotions, not just well-planned outfits.

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    Something to hold on to

    You did not go to the trouble of hiring us and planning a session because you had nothing better to do and nothing more important to spend your hard earned money on. You did it because you understand the importance of photographs. What we understand is that in today’s world, a lot of sessions end at the session. The beautiful images that result go on to live on your computer or on a flash drive buried under a pile of things to do. It is our mission to make sure your experience ends with something tangible. Something to hold on to. Something for your grandchild to hold on to. And we have a suspicion that 20 cent prints from the drug store aren’t going to stand the test of time. That’s why we offer a complete line of professional, archival-quality prints and products to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

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