A Tale of Two Sales

July 26, 2012

Photos! Get your photos!

We’ve got SALES going on people! It’s time to get those Edwardsville area fall photo sessions booked!

Need fall family photos? They’re on sale! Boudoir portraits for fall or winter wedding gift? On sale! Senior portraits for the start of senior year? Sale! Sale. Sale. Sale.

Chalk it up to me being ready for fall… There’s something about photo shoots in 110 degrees that I’m just about OVER!

Besides that, July is slowly coming to an end and before we know it Fall will be upon us. Now is absolutely the time to set up those late summer and fall photo sessions, especially if you have hopes of awesome Christmas cards or gorgeous framed photos to hand out as Hanukkah gifts!

We’ve also got a kick booty sale for 2013 brides and grooms! (Or grooms and grooms or brides and brides…whatevs.) Our 2013 weekends are starting to fill up so we might as well get this show all the way on the road!

Check out the details below and get in touch!
(Please don’t actually touch me. Makes me uncomfortable.)
(Unless you are Channing Tatum…then different rules apply.)

Anywho…here are the SALES:



  1. Paula Hamilton

    My daughter Whitney is getting married Aug 24,2013 We need to know how much wedding packages are etc… Please contact me!!!
    Thanks!! Streator Il !!1

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