Ben & Jessie – St. Louis Engagement Photos

June 12, 2012

We met up with Ben & Jessie last month for a beautiful Sunday evening to take these fun engagement photos in downtown St. Louis. As we worked our way around The Landing, they mentioned wanting some shots that included the Arch. Not wanting to take cookie cutter Arch photos, we found a pretty awesome location to give them their Arch photos with a bit of edge. We also made a brief stop at the City Gardens where I really just wanted to ditch my camera and play in the water! That place is so cool!!

Love these photos, you can tell just by looking at them that these two make an awesome couple!


FAVORITE! Love it.

These next ones were shot at Morgan Street Brewery, which is extra cool because it’s the first place they went together after Jessie moved to St. Louis. (Hopefully I didn’t screw that story up too bad!)  See the 5-18?! Wedding date!! Awesomeness!   Other favorite!

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