Danielle & Beau – Cedar Lake Cellars Wedding – St. Louis

August 6, 2018

Danielle and Beau had the most gorgeous wedding day ever – you should probably plan to gasp and sigh and possibly shed a tear while viewing these images. And when you say something like, “my God those people are attractive!” do note that they are literally the loveliest people ever, they adore each other and they’re kick ass parents to top it off. Don’t hate them because they’re beautiful.

I’m not crying! You’re crying!

Danielle gets all the credit for orchestrating this beautiful first look with Beau. They wanted to balance having a first look with the traditional coming-down-the-aisle moment, so she had her dad walk her down the aisle to Beau. The only ‘guests’ were immediate family members who excused themselves after the big moment. Brilliant!!

You want couple goals? Bottom right. There’s your goal. Don’t say yes until someone makes you feel all the things she’s feelin’ right there.

Time to say I do…rollin up in a horse drawn carriage because why not?!

You’re feeling it now, aren’t ya? They’re getting you right in the feels with all that love. Just wait…

So at this point I was teary eyed because

1) I always cry at weddings

2) I’d just taken those ridiculous images above and I was moved to tears with pride in myself (I kid.)

But then Beau goes and kneels down and reads vows he’s written to that beautiful child and its a wonder the photos aren’t blurry after that because I was weeping along with everyone else in attendance. Seriously. One of the best wedding ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed. These three are just super lucky to have each other.

Mama’s face in the background below… I feel you, mama.

Portrait time!!

Party time!

Please note the faces of all the females in the background of the below image.

Sparkler time. Here’s the thing about sparkler exits. They can be epic (see below) or they can be…well, scary.

My 2 cents? There’s no reason it has to happen at the end of the night! Make it a way to kick off the party! Danielle and Beau finished their first/formal dances and then rocked a sparkler entrance to their dance floor. It was the perfect way to open up the dance floor and get everyone up and moving. And because their guests were all still present and sober, it went perfectly!

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