Nancy’s Grandkids – Edwardsville Family Photos

July 17, 2012


Way back when I got an email from a gal named Nancy, she’d snagged a photo session gift certificate via a fundraiser at her local church and she was looking for photos of her grandkids. I was excited right away, because I love not-typical photo groupings. And believe it or not, grandkid photo sessions are not-typical (which is a darn shame).

We met up for the session here in Edwardsville on one of the first very hot days of the season. I was a little worried because kids and heat don’t always mix but these kids were troopers! Full of energy and super sweet and they rocked some pretty cute smiles : )

We’ll start with individual shots of each of the grandkiddos, in black and white, because its my greatest weakness.

After the individual shots we paired them up for sibling shots

More of the littlest 2 because they make me smile! Classic brother behavior : )

We finished up with full group shots. These really make me wish I had a set of photos like these with my cousins! When you’re these ages, there’s nothing better than being ornery with your cousins. We’re now booking Edwardsville Family Photo Sessions for the fall months so give us a holler if you’d like to snag a date for you and yours!


  1. Valerie Barber

    Love love love!!! (They are my kids so of course I do…) But I would still say they are great even if they weren’t my kids. Thanks for doing such a great job Maggie!

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