The Ones You Took At The Bar – Kate & Luke’s Streator Engagement Session

January 6, 2017

“OMG the ones you took at the bar!”

This statement (which I’m always happy to hear) fell just behind “When are you due?” and “Your belly is so low I bet that baby comes early!” on the list of phrases heard most frequently this fall. I’m so glad everyone seems to love these images as much as I do!

Engagement photos in a bar? Sure!

Engagement photos in a bar that your family has owned for nearly a hundred years? Yesssss.

Kate and Luke’s engagement session really was one of my favorite sessions of 2016! Not only are they an awesome pair, but the settings were just so perfect. We always encourage couples to pick locations that are meaningful to them or at least suit their personalities and lifestyle. I mean, if you’ve never set foot in a barn… Or if you’re farm kids who don’t usually poke around urban neighborhoods on the weekend… Ya know what I mean? If you focus on who you actually are, and not who your Pinterest boards suggest you are, you’ll be much more comfortable in front of the camera and it will show in your photos!

As evidence, I present Kate and Luke cozied up to the bar and each other…







Switching gears for variety…






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