SP: Heuermann Family

June 9, 2011

This session started on a Sunday in May when it was 35 degrees. It ended on a Saturday in June when it was 90 degrees. Sometimes you just can’t win! But they were troopers let me tell you. Especially on the cold day – that was brutal. Here’s a handful to start with, more to come later!

Love this next one. I was mostly just getting tears (it was painfully cold!) then all of sudden, I got a smile and a tongue sticking out. I’ll take it!

I’m still trying to squeeze in a few more Streator sessions for the summer, so if you’re interested let me know!

Also – we still have an opening in Bloomington for this Saturday evening – any type of session is welcome so if you’re in the Bloomington-Normal area or would like to go to that area, send an email my way.

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