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July 17, 2012

Special Needs Sessions are becoming my favorite ya’ll!

Okay. I’m sorry. I realize I’ve said that about senior sessions and children’s sessions and family sessions recently too. So it carries very little impact. But I’m just a really happy photographer : ) And I can have as many favorites as I want.

And I’m counting this little dude as one of my favorites! Because he has the sweetest little face and because his name is Zachary : )

This is a pretty good example of how our Special Needs Photo Sessions work… Normally when someone contacts me to set up a photo session we select dates, times and locations based on what I know will be the prettiest light and the most fitting background. When we set up special needs photo sessions – we select those things based on bed time, snack time, happiest-time-o-the-day, happiest place, the avoidance of things that cause sensory issues (like, you know, dead grass grass from the worst drought in 50+ years).

Planning sessions based on those things can make shooting trickier – like in our chosen location for this session – it was bright and I do mean bright! and it was a crowded playground. So, not a photographers dream. But who cares! The little man was happy as a clam and that’s all there is to it.

These sessions definitely take on a documentary style. Someone should make a documentary of us shooting one because I’m convinced its hilarious to an outsider… Zac and I weighed down with loads of gear, running, jumping, ducking around playgrounds – shouting and cheering and in general resembling monkeys with cameras. Again, I say, who cares!

Zachary’s mom had warned me before our session that they had tried to have photos taken before and…well…it didn’t work. I promised her it would work this time. Then I lit a candle at church and prayed it would work. Not really. I knew it would : )

After a few conversations about what would be best for the kiddo (Zachary has Autism), we hit the playground and got to work. And it worked : ) Praise be!

There was also the world’s most amazing bubble machine involved and boy was that a treat for all of us.

Just to share a bit about Zachary – he’s 4 and a rockstar. He had just recently started talking in the several weeks before our session, so it was a blast to hear him trying out his words and repeating new phrases. Like when I stumbled upon some pretty filtered light and a gave a big “Ohhh yeahhhh!!” and he responded with a very hearty “Ohhhhh yeeeeahhhh”. Awesome.

I must say – if I were in charge of handing out parenting awards – these folks would be getting one. (But I’m not, so all they get are these photos.) Seriously though, parenting a kiddo with Autism is no joke, and we’ve met some people who do it incredibly well. These two were like pros. We were impressed. Hinckleys – go write a book or teach a class or something would you!

Check these out – I dare you not to love this little face!

Doesn’t he look like he’s disappointed that this blog post is over? : )

We’re now booking sessions for the very popular fall months! Hard to believe but if you want fall family photos, photos for holiday cards, etc, now is the time!


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