What’s in your stocking?

November 20, 2009

Christmas is all about the stocking, baby.

Growing up, it didn’t matter if there were 100 full-size, perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree. I was looking forward to what was in the stocking! It’s a big holiday tradition at our house, as it is in many houses.

I’m a bigger sucker for traditions and as many people can attest, I LOVE to hear about other people’s Christmas traditions. Maybe its the journalist part of me that wants to pry into your private life. I’m not sure. But I love to hear where people go, who they see, what inside jokes make their family giggle on Christmas morning. Stockings seem to be one of those threads that tie everyone together – everyone’s got a stocking tradition and they are all different.

If you don’t have a stocking tradition, please create one immediatley. I don’t know how you celebrate Christmas without a stocking but you’re doing it wrong.

Anyway, in looking for new stocking ideas I found this website:


It seems the folks over at Plump Stocking share a love for hearing traditions too. The site offers countless stocking ideas, broken down by where to buy them, age groups and so on. And my FAVORITE part is this:

You’re Ideas

Oodles and oodles of people have shared their family traditions and clever ideas for spicing up traditional stocking stuffing! Read them, you’ll love it. You’ll want to institute about 50 few stocking ideas at your house this year.

Currently, I’m drawn to the ones that control stocking stuffing. (I’m an over stuffer. Read, over spender.) Like one that says they put all the letters of the alphabet in a hat and draw out 5 – then they have to buy the other person 5 gifts each beginning with one of those letters. I like the challenge : )  (But um, hello, use your scrabble tiles, don’t sit down and right out the damn alphabet. That’s a waste of time you could be shopping.)

This might be my favorite:

My family has a tradition with stocking stuffers. Every year when we are looking through our stockings there is one item that we hope that we do not find. It is a picture of a distant cousin – he is pretty scary looking in the picture with his hair standing on end and his eyes are great big. If it is in your stocking, then you put it in someone elses the next year. The fun part is figuring out how it will be presented. That horrific picture has been on the inside of books, put into a plate, on candy and many other ways. Every year we have so much fun just seeing who will get it next.

Now that’s funny! Love it!

Hop over to www.plumpstocking.com and see if you can’t find yourself some clever stocking ideas! Happy shopping, Happy stuffing!


  1. 11.23.09

    Love me a stocking…well you probably know that since I’ve already started sending you stocking-stuffer items I find during my online-shopping obsession!

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